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This type of breast cancer begins in the milk-producing glands (lobules) of the breast. Invasive cancer means the cancer cells have broken out of the lobule where they began and have the potential to spread to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. It is the second most common type of breast cancer, accounting for about 10-15% of all breast cancers.

Do you believe Breast Cancer is all the same?  I did too, until I was diagnosed with ILC and found that all breast cancers DON'T fall into the same bucket. 

I've learned through the years that not one person or source knows everything.  We ALL benefit when we share information and learn from each other.  All information I share on my website is for informational and educational purposes only for patients and their caregivers to have informed discussions with their healthcare providers.  It is not meant to replace any advice you've been given, but rather open the lines of communication on this sneaky type of  breast cancer.  I will talk in layman's terms, but I will also share links, videos, etc. from medical sources that I have found during my own personal journey to learn more about Invasive Lobular Cancer.  We all need to be our own advocates, especially when it comes to our body.  I remember my mom always telling me I was "unique".  I never dreamed it would mean I would obtain a diagnosis that isn't the "norm" (80-85% of breast cancers are ductal). 

We all have to find the positives in each challenge that comes our way.  I chose to take this disease by the horns and learn as much as I could to make sure I was being treated properly.  My gut instinct was correct - more research and clinical trials are needed to understand if refinements in treatment might result in better outcomes for ILC patients.


The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance is a resource I found during my research.  This group really understands the characteristics of this cancer and are working hard to educate and advocate for women with ILC.  There is so much information in this video. ENJOY!


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