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Scheduled for surgery?  Starting or restarting chemotherapy or radiation?  Comfort pillows can bring tremendous comfort during breast cancer treatment despite their small size. 

A dear friend of mine gave me one and I had NO IDEA how much that pillow would mean to me.  This pillow is small enough to fit under your arm and thin enough to place between your incision or surgical drains and your seat belt in the car.  It even comes with its own pillowcase that shares our logo, reminding you of Comfort, Courage & Joy, during your journey. 

We provide these to the Women's Oncology departments, at local hospitals, in Kansas City. As an added plus, it is a gift you can give to support a loved one.   If you give a comfort pillow to a friend, before her breast cancer surgery, she will be reminded that someone cares about her each step of her journey. To receive one, Contact us.


Our Mini Wellness Retreats are created to serve two populations.  (1) Women who are currently in breast cancer treatment, those who have finished treatment but are still fighting and survivors.  (2) Caregivers who are currently caring for a loved one with chronic or disabling conditions.  

Self-Care is so important. Each of these groups deserve, a half-day, to be loved on and totally experience self-care.  They are showered with a light breakfast, educational breakouts, wellness & aesthetician services as well as a healthy lunch.  If you would like to experience this, please visit our  Events page.


We are willing to speak to any group who would benefit from increased awareness of either (1) Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer or (2) Caregiving. 

It might be a group of neighbors, a women's group, or a professional organization.  Please contact us in advance if you would like to request a speaker.


Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be a huge shock. Those of us who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have sought treatment want to be available for newly diagnosed women. 

Have you been given the task of caregiver for a loved one?  Don't know where to start?  Already feel exhausted? 

No matter which area you fall under, we are here to offer comfort, courage and joy.  It might be an e-mail, a phone call, or meeting in person. Please contact us at  816-304-3799 or by email at

                  We are a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.  EIN: 85-1867761

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